“We would like to be able to take people and educate them in such a way that they have the skills to make changes in their lives…We’re here to help, here to make a difference, here to change lives, here so that people can see the love of God in a tangible and practical way.”


What is the McIver Achievement Center (M.A.C.)?
-70 bed housing facility for men, women, and children
-Education/Training Center
-Job Placement Center
-Extreme Weather Shelter

-M.A.C. Program guests will live on campus
-Although it will be a “low barrier” facility, strict guidelines must be followed to remain in the voluntary program
-GED prep, vocational training, and life-skills classes will be taught
-Job placement will be addressed
-Additional operations will include prison visitations, a fitness center, and movie nights

Target opening date:
The Extreme Weather Shelter will open on December 1, 2017.
We aim to have the McIver Achievement Center open by 3rd quarter 2019.
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